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Reflecting on 2023 and Inviting in the New Year ✨

This time we are in between Christmas and New Years, some call "The Holy Days" is a wonderful time to reflect on the passing year.  I love to create a ritual space to enhance my experience by carving out some quiet time alone at my alter with a cup of tea and my journal. I start by clearing my space smudging with some sage, then light a candle. After enjoying a short movement practice to release stagnant energy and open my body, I settle in finding a comfortable seated position. Sometimes I like to spend a few moments rhythmically playing a rattle, as I sing my gratitude and prayers for guidance. Now that I am more open and connected deeper within myself & spirit, I sit in silent meditation for some period of time, until I feel complete then I ask myself questions such as;

What did I do well or what am I proud of?

What did not go well or what do I wish I could do-over?

What activities sustained me?

Where did I resist change?

Where did I grow?

What lessons did I learn?

What aspirations do I have for 2024?

If you haven't yet done some version of this, I encourage you to take some time today or tomorrow to do so. The threshold of a New Year is such a potent time to reflect and create positive change in your life! 

One mistake I often see people make when writing 'New Years Resolutions' is biting off more than they can chew as the expression goes. While it's wonderful to dream big, sometimes we create a goal that is too big a leap for our system to handle. What I have found is that by breaking my goals down into smaller increments allows me to experience success along the way, the feeling of accomplishment fuels the momentum to go to the next level of success.  

I'm excited to share  two offerings this New Year to guide and support you in this process of success for your 2024 goals and aspirations!

On January 1st, I will release a short youtube video to get the juices flowing for what you want to create in 2024. (look for that on my youtube channel or social media platforms)

Then on January 20th, I will be leading an All Day Wellness Retreat at Moccasin Springs!

Transform Your Health & Create the New You!

This Inclusive Retreat includes:

  • All day access to Moccasin Springs (soak passes are normally limited to 3 hours)

  • Guided yoga & meditation practice to cut limitations and create positive change

  • A nourishing lunch and high vibrational superfoods to elevate your health

  • A relaxing gong bath and meditation to integrate your new vision

 You will Experience:

  •  Proven tools to release old habits and create more freedom

  • A safe & sacred container to explore wellness and self-care

  • Deeper awareness and connection to your body & its wisdom

All Inclusive Retreat is Only $125!

Take advantage of my early-bird discount; $100 if you register by January 10th

* Want to treat yourself to an entire Self-Care Weekend Get-Away?

Ask me about our special retreat lodging discount at the newly renovated Springs Lodge & Cafe and suggestions to my favorite local restaurants and things to do.

Wishing you the best year yet!



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