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Feeling Gratitude during uncertain Times

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

There really IS so much to be grateful for, even during a pandemic and other political & environmental disharmony. It’s not just during the Thanksgiving holiday that I feel and remember to be grateful, I make it part of my daily practice to really feel it on a visceral level. Soaking at Moccasin Springs has made that experience real for me, and I’m so deeply grateful for all the people whom have made that possible for me, and for the element of Water itself that I’ve been journeying with all year long. I encourage you to find one experience in your daily life that really helps you get into the feeling of gratitude, be it a walk in nature, time with a loved one or pet, dancing, drawing, what ever your thing is…Do it, Feel it, don’t let gratitude be just another rote thing you do.

If you aren’t there yet, at really feeling gratitude you may want to start with this practice: Look for the November 2016 gratitude blog for specific practice.

I've been using a daily gratitude practice for a long time before I started feeling it more deeply in my being, which allows more love & spaciousness to just be and accept what is. Remember this and any regular practice of movement and mediation that you commit to on a daily basis DOES make a huge difference in your life! Make it simple, fun but do it. And if you forget a day, be okay with that but just recommit to yourself, don’t give up. This is what gets us through these times of change and uncertainty!

I haven’t checked in for a while, so I wanted to send you a little update about teaching plans for the rest of this year and beyond.

The Friday Lunchtime yoga class has been cancelled for the rest of this year.

My last days of teaching Kundalini Yoga for this year are:

2nd & 4th Saturday from 8:30am-9:30am Dec 12th & 26th

2nd & 4th Sunday from 8:30am-9:30am Dec 13th & 27th

And I will be offering 1 more 5 Element Dance Practice – Sunday, December 13th, from 11am-12pm. I hope you can join me in this very fun and special practice.

At this point, I do not plan to teach during the new low-season (Feb-April).

Lastly I want to let you know that the SDYC is also in flux for next summer. It looks like they are developing a new format and I’m not certain whether or not I will be teaching. I will send updates as I know more.

Sending you so much love and please feel free to reach out anytime. I am available for one on one sessions, conversations and happy to hear your feedback and suggestions for future classes and offerings! Be well ~ Love, Rajni

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