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Going with the Flow

July 6th, 2022

A few months back, I signed up for a “Daily Motivation” email from an organization called Better Help. I have no idea how I landed on this, perhaps it was divine intervention speaking but it just felt like a fun little way to start my work day.

It reminded me of drawing a tarot card to give me a little inspiration for the day. There have been a few that don’t resonate, but for the most part they offer a message that seems to be just what I needed to hear. Here’s the one for today:


You do not have to force anything. Relax. Everything will fall into place. So much of our lives is a mystery. There is so much more than what we can imagine. We have to accept this idea of mystery. Some questions don't have any definite answers. Trying to control everything will only leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. Trust the process that is greater than you. Breathe and go with the flow. Focus on remaining centered through it all. Make peace with not knowing what happens next.”

Photo by Rajni Lerman

Having just returned from a long trip, a perfect time that breaks up the monotony of a daily routine, I’ve noticed my system seems to be more open to change. Not that I am consciously trying to change anything. After all, I am happy with my life and how things are. Though, I cannot deny a feeling deep inside that feels like a churning or bubbling, a sign that something is brewing. Not knowing what it is can create a sense of fear and even a little panic. I’m guessing my recent dive into the IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapeutic tool may be a contributing factor. It’s like chiseling into a hardened protective shell now exposing some very vulnerable parts. Even admitting this in a public forum makes me feel exposed. However I know that bringing light to something that has remained in the dark is always for the best. Trusting the process, staying present to what is, keeping up with my yoga and meditation practice and spending time in nature are the tools that will lead me to victory. Staying true to myself is ultimately what is most important.

I invite you to join me this month in any of the following;



Friday, July 8th Gentle Yoga

Saturday, July 9th Yin/Yang Yoga

Sunday July 10th Kundalini Yoga

Friday, July 22nd Gentle Yoga

Saturday, July 23rd Yin/Yang Yoga

Sunday July 24th Kundalini Yoga

All yoga classes are from 9:30am-10:30am. You can drop in just for yoga or use your punch card to have a soak and class. Please arrive in the room at least 5 -10 minutes prior, so you can prepare your space and self and we are able to start on time.


Every 2nd Sunday of each month @11am we alternate between 5 Element Dance and a Gong Bath. This month, Sunday, July 10th will be the 5 Element Dance Practice. A joyful way to connect with your spirit and soul! Within a safe and nurturing space, gentle guidance is offered to allow participants to flow with their own intuitive movement. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.



Want to help protect Fall River Habitat and Wildlife? Join Us, Fall River Stewards for a day (or two) of Alternative Vegetation removal. July 13th & July 14th, 7am-noon.

The Event on Facebook;

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