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Every day is an Opportunity for New Beginnings

Have you ever experienced a downward slide of your health, finances, emotional wellbeing or relationships? Of course you have, all humans experience ups and downs. However, when you’ve been on a really good run for a while, a downward slide can really hit hard. This happened to me with my health the past few years. I am learning to be grateful for the experience, as it is helping me dive deeper to re-explore my values, habits and intentions. I know the process takes time, attention to the present, commitment and unwavering self-love! I am also grateful for my on-going practice of yoga, dance and other self-care practices & tools that create the foundation for me to safely and honestly explore areas that I have unconsciously ignored. On our winter journey this year, I had fewer opportunities to continue my practice as steady as I am used to and really took a backward slide. However I am acutely aware that Today and Everyday is a new day to begin again! Now that I am home in my cozy sanctuary, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and making me a priority, I am slowly and steadily recreating and healing myself. Spring which is the season of the Wood element is an especially perfect time to create new beginnings. You can learn more about the wood element from my friend Sue Schmidts’ recent blog on the subject:

As Sue points out, the wood element is related to the liver and gallbladder which makes spring is a wonderful time to do a dietary cleanse or reset. Cleaning up our diet and letting go of habits that don’t serve us, give our digestion & overtaxed livers’ a brake. This can do wonders to help unclog unprocessed foods and emotions. It gives your whole system a chance to renew and begin again! There are many ways to do a reset and it will look different for everyone. I encourage you to start simple and build from there. I’ve been cleansing annually for many years and have tried many different ways, each year refining what will work best for me each time. As I begin teaching yoga again, I will spend the month of May working on these themes of cleansing, renewal and new beginnings. I hope you will join me at the Lotus Studio at Moccasin Springs. My teaching schedule is the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month. Saturdays’ class is from 8:30am-9:30am and Sundays’ class is 9:30-10:30am. You can always check the Moccasin Springs website for the entire and most up to date yoga schedule, as things could shift from time to time or to pre-register for any classes.

I will also be resuming the 5 element dance practice the 2nd Sunday each month from 11:00-12:00pm. This is a gently guided experience for you to explore your own inner landscape. Dancing with the elements is a really great way to let go of mental chatter and free the body to move exactly how it wants to move. I create inspiring playlists and a fun and safe space for this exploration!

Lastly, but not least is that the South Dakota Yoga Conference is back on!! The location and format have changed. It will be a one-day only event in Spearfish, SD on August 1st.

Save the Date for this always rich community experience. I will be teaching the early morning session from 7:00-8:00am. You can learn more and register soon at:

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