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As a Professional Organizer, I help clients at home &/or in business settings to accomplish any number of tasks. With over twenty years experience in both the private and non-profit sector, I have gained a wide variety of skills that will help you to create order and efficiency or simply get things done. 

Neat Storage Boxes


Clearing clutter from your home, office, or workshop can be a game changer. Did you know that all that stuff you hold on to but never use is actually draining your energy?

I work with clients to help clarify what items are serving you and which are ready to go.

I can either work independently or by your side to guide this process with gentle yet firm direction.

Bathroom Shelves


After we have purged the clutter, it's time to Re-organize the remaining items so that they are out of your way yet easy to access and find. Together we will create and renew your systems to be more effective & efficient.

Every activity or area of your home can be managed easily with a logical system that works with your general habits. Whether it's in a room in your home or your computer files, we will create a system to help you stay on top of your organizing.



If you are trying to sell items, offer an event to just promote your business, you have to let people know you're out there. I can create marketing materials that do just that, including fliers, brochures, websites & Facebook pages.

Woman in Hot Tub


Leave those neglected tasks, such as filing, data entry, bookkeeping, tax prep, up to me so you can relax and enjoy your new space.

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